Learning About Roof Replacement Techniques, Tools and Materials

Metal Roofing: Is It The Right Choice For Your Home?

Is your roof due for a replacement? If so, then you may want to consider replacing your existing asphalt shingle roof with metal roofing. This material is becoming increasingly popular for residential use, and for good reason.  Metal Roofing Lasts a Lifetime For the "typical" asphalt shingle roof, you'll be lucky to get 15-20 years out of your roof before it needs to be replaced yet again. And in between replacing your roof, you may still experience leaks and the need for other repairs. Read More 

Roofing Maintenance Steps That Expand Roof Longevity

Roof maintenance is vital for the well-being of the entire building. Most roofing professionals recommend biannual inspection and maintenance for increasing roof longevity, which should be done particularly after extreme weather conditions. Regular maintenance not only reduces the instances of expensive repair work by preventing structural and substantial damages, but also helps in protecting the building's interior. Here are a few important steps which should be taken by the owners for ensuring a long life for the roof. Read More 

Installing New Gutters: Choosing The Style & Profile

If you want to put new gutters on your home, you are going to have to make two different style changes. You are going to need to choose if you want seamless or sectional gutters. You are also going to need to decide if you want gutters with the k-shape, fascia shape or half-round shape. Seamless Or Sectional Gutters The first choice you are going to have to make is if you want seamless or sectional gutters. Read More 

Pests And Water Keep Getting Into Your House? The Problem Could Lie In Your Roof

If critters, insects, and water keep getting into your home, but you can't see anything wrong with your attic or walls, check your roof. Pests and moisture can enter your home through the roof and its support structures. Unless you climb a ladder and inspect your roof directly, you might not see anything wrong with it. But with the critical information below, you can solve your pest and water problem successfully. Read More 

Factors Affecting The Extent Of Hail Damage On The Roof

A serious hailstorm can cause severe damage to your shingle roof. Here are some of the factors that will determine the amount of the damage you may be dealing with after a hailstorm: The Size of the Hailstones The size of the hailstones determines not only their weight but also the area of the roof that feels their direct impact. A circular hailstone with a three-inch diameter, for example, will cause more direct damage than a hailstone that is only an inch wide, assuming other factors are held constant. Read More